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This will serve as a permanent home for my sales <3 Feel free to browse!

- received permission to sell on Wednesday, October 4 from rachelled
- my feedback ~
- I only accept paypal
- I ship from Florida, and yes I ship internationally
- ask for shipping/handling cost (I have a digital scale now! wooh!)
- sales are a first come first serve basis
- ask about trades (and see here for my wants I'm looking for -> Fox's Wants ) not accepting trades right now ;u;/

Plush are $20
Meinfoo, Audino, Scraggy, Emolga

Plush are $25 each
Kyorge, Zoroark, Suicune, Shaymin

U.S. Tomy Mew $30


All figures are $10
Lugia, Luxio, Suicune


PKMN Wants! (WIP)

refined rayray
This journal is to keep track of the pokemon goods I'm on the hunt for or willing to trade for. Most goodies I'm looking for are zukans, charms, and battrio chips.

Main Collections that I'm currenting working on ~


Rayquaza Zukan
- Rayquaza battrio chips
- Tomy Pose Figure (I believe it's from 2004?)
Tomy 2004 pose figure

- Eevee line pokedex charms
- eevee/flareon battrio chips
- eevee/flareon/jolteon/vaporeon zukan figure
- A complete gasphapon eevee set
Eeveelution Gasphapon set

160MSFeraligatr & evolutions
- Feraligatr line battrio chips
- totodile Tomy figurine

006MSCharizard & evolutions
- charizard line zukan figure
- charizard line pokedex charms
- charizard line battrio chips

- archen line pokedex charms
- archen line MPC plush
- archen line kid figures

- yanma pokedex charm
- Yanma line Jakks figures
jakks yanmayanmega jakks
- Yanma line zukan

Sub Collections that I'd like to expand <3

367MS368MS604MSEels <3 Huntail/Gorebyss, Eelectross & evolutions
- huntail line pokedex charms


706MSGoodra & evolutions

- druddigon MPC plush

- Noivern Tomy figurine

571MS655MSFoxes <3 Zoroark/Delphox & evolutions
- zorua pokedex charm
- fennekin pokedoll

Custom Plush Auction Y

refined rayray

First auction on the new year! And I couldn't help but jump the X/Y bandwagon, with a poke'dollish Yveltal! And some dragons~ Look under the cut for details

Cut!!Collapse )

Fancy PKMN Icons!

This post is for icon commissions (of any kind but mostly for fancy pokemon)

Even if my plush commissions are closed I can take icon commissions as they're quick, easy, and fun 8D

- Icon commissions are $2 each
- I only accept paypal
- any pokemon, and you can suggest if you want something specific (top hat, cane, monocle, fullbody-may not appear as good as headshots- shiny pokemon, ect.), otherwise I'll fancy up the pokemon my way <3 text and background color are also optional.
- I can either email the icon(s) to you or post them on a private image hosting website for you to download (note though I'll only keep them there until after you download them, after which I'll delete them)

some examples ~

fancy sample keldeo

any questions or comments, feel free~ .u./

Needing inspiration

Work has been shitty lately;;; I don't know it just has, but at least seeing my favorite co-workers makes things better. It's just the whole check fiasco and such, just makes me dislike it more.

And commission work is barely moving, I don't have much motivation to sew lately because I've been taking up extra hours at work. Those might now be done till February it seems;;; oh well, they'll get done none the less. Afterwards though, I want to get straight to work on my comic. A story I've have for awhile now (almost 2 years) that I'd like to kick off and draw the first chapter at least. Most likely it'll stay on DA though, I doubt it'll be good enough to bother setting up a whole webpage. But still, I can't wait!

Time to get back to sewing and work then!


Winter Breaks

refined rayray
Been awhile since I posted! 0u0' aahaha been busy with work, life, friends, holidays and such.

Went to Holiday Matsuri with ma best peeps ever <333 we had a ball (and went to one too!) So many shenanigans took place there, and so many inside jokes formed <33
As for Christmas, WOOOH yeah;; thank goodness for the presents/money everyone else got me 8'D I spent way too much on my family, but I was happy to get them all that they wanted <33 It just set me back a bit (along with bullshit at work and having my check lost, I had to wait a whole week to get it. fucking shit I could have really used that a week ago). But things are more calm now, and so I just need to finish up commissions as fast as I can. I don't want them to run past January! I'd like to get more involved into the PkmnCollector's group *U* I just have to resist buying everything.

Speaking of pokemon, I've been obsessed more than usual lately. Everything from the card game, to version Red, to Pokemon Rumble; I CAN'T STOP AHAHAHAH

Otherwise, just chilling and drawing. I've been much more into a drawing mood, and working out details and character b/gs for a comic I'd like to start this year -u- we'll see how it goes!

for now, abscond!

The return from Shadocon

Oh goodness <333 what fun the con was! Getting to meet up and see all my friends ;u; I missed you guys <3 and not to mention my sister came with us on Saturday and Sunday too! Britt, Jessica and I were dressed as Adventure Time characters. Britt was Marceline, Jessica was Cake, and I was Princess Bubblegum. OUR COSPLAYS TURNED OUT FANTASTIC <333 we were a hit at the con. Maybe because my awesome sister did our makeup, yes? Saturday morning Jessica airbrush painted us pink and grey (best paint ever for cosplays, it doesn't rub off easily.... I actually still have some pink on me 8'D ). Despite there being some mishaps, concerning some panels and parking, over all it was still fun, just being able to go and geek out with good chums <3

And now back to real life 8I work, commissions and stuff. (but I'll be sure to watch many new animes! )


can't wait for Matsuricon



Any Floridians going keep a look out for a Marceline and Bubblegum this weekend!!

today was good

work was fun today <3 my two farovite guys were working the morning shift with me <3 They always know how to make me laugh.

ehhh, still a bit stressed over the PB cosplay, as soon as I get that done I need to pick up back on sewing joltik plushies.

(also, I finally got Sai <3 takes some getting used to but it's nice!


Need to update some things

Once I get the hang of LJ (which will be never) I would like to use it more 8'D